Lite Maroon T-shirt

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Lite Maroon T-shirt
The Lite Maroon Tee is Made from an 21/1 ring spun yarn. Our Lite Maroon T-shirt is 70% Viscose from Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton and is pre-washed.

Our new fiber T-shirts are extremely soft. Once you wear one of our T-shirts you will never want to wear another 100% cotton T-shirt.

Our clothing will never stick to your body or skin, even on the hottest of days, and will always make you feel extremely cool under any condition.

These T-shirts will spark new interest in the everyday-consumer. It is beautiful to the eye and nothing can adequately describe how wonderful these T-shirts are to the touch.

This new fiber fiber clothes are the world's most comfortable clothes. These T-shirts are destined to revolutionize the T-shirt industry!!!

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