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Message from the President

Bamboo Textile is happy to announce the continuing and growing sales of this beautiful new fiber! We started up in 2003 as the first company to introduce this unique natural fiber in the United States.

In addition to website sales, much of our time has been in developing and supplying apprel and yarn to U.S. and European companies. We have done wholesale with customers in Canada, Nairobi, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, India, Philippines, Southern California (Huntington Beach), Hawaii (Maui), Washington State (Seattle), and Indiana, with many more cities and countries being added weekly.

 Bamboo Textile has a goal -- to supply the highest quality  products to our customers anywhere in the world. Currently, our products include viscose from bamboo fiber, yarn, and finished goods such t-shirts and scarves. In the very near future, we will be adding new products to our website such as hosiery, towels, bed linens, underwear and robes. Our Socks have been a big hit already. 

Going forward, Bamboo Textile will continue to concentrate on the wholesale and distribution side of the business as well as private label development. 
We've just added new information to our website, including a FAQ page where you will find answers to many commonly asked questions about Bamboo Textile and about this amazing material. Be sure to check it out!

We hope you've enjoyed wearing our viscose from bamboo fiber t-shirt! There is no better feeling in the world than to wrap yourself in a luxurious fabric . – wouldn't you agree???

Thank you for your support. Let's keep bamboo in our consciousness and spread the word on this outstanding new fiber!


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